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Step 1 Choose 5M Starter Pack Type

  • The Leaf Stopper 5m Starter Pack should suit all popular Corrugated profiled roofs. The design of these profiles is typically as shown in the following diagram:
  • The Starter Pack is suitable for the Gutter Edge and provides you with all the components you need to test Leaf Stopper before committing to a bigger investment. The following is included FREE with the Start Pack:
    • FREE Cutting Snips – Valued at $15
    • FREE Drive Socket – Valued at $6
    • FREE EasyAc Access Panel – Valued at $11
    • FREE Delivery
  • All prices include GST.
  • The Starter Pack will come with the following standard components:
    • 250mm wide mesh roll (5 metres long).
    • Trimets – Used to connect mesh to gutter edge using hexagon head screws.
    • Saddles – Used to fasten the mesh to the top of the corrugation.
    • Coloured Screws to match the Trimets and saddles.
  • Click here to download the Metal Installation Guide.


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