Pest Protection

Many homeowners experience problems with pests, at times the source of the problem is not always known, sometimes we live totally unaware until one day the problem becomes very apparent. Local wildlife, birds and possums can see your roof space as an opportunistic shelter or a place to breed and raise their young. This process can quickly turn your roof into a food source for other pests like snakes and rats. All of these constitute a threat to your families ongoing health through diseases that can be carried by birds and other vermin. Furthermore, insects like mosquitoes, redback spiders and termites can be attracted to leaf and stagnant water build-up in your gutters.

Gutter guards not only keep your gutter clean, but ensure against pests entering your roof area

When Pests Invade Your Home

When you have identified the source of the noise in your roof you will want to remove your unwanted guests as soon as possible, but there are some things to consider before proceeding;


To combat possums entering your home you will first need to find out how it is entering your homes roof area, typically access is gained from under the eaves or through a gap under your tiles. Once you have found its entry point you will need to ensure that the possum is removed from your roof before sealing the hole, you can typically wait until nightfall for the possum to exit and seal the hole. If however, you suspect that there is also young possums, you will need to ensure they are also extracted. This will require you or the services of a professional to capture and extract the young. Make sure you securely seal the hole so the possum cannot claw its way back into your roof.


Snakes are very quiet creatures. Out in the open, you probably won’t be able to audibly detect them sliding across the ground, however in your roof, the roof magnifies the snakes slithering. Sometimes you may be unaware that you have a snake problem until you see one slither into the roof of your home, typically entering underneath the tiles. A snake will typically only enter your roof for two reasons. One is food-source, and the second is for shelter when they are shedding their skin. The best strategy to remove a snake is to seek the services of a Professional Wildlife Removal expert. Once the snake is removed, seal any potential entry points as soon as possible.


The sound of birds nesting in your home often is very apparent due to the audible magnification that your roof area provides. Not only do nesting birds often disrupt your sleep, but the nest area quickly becomes a health concern with lice and accumulating bird faeces.

Indian myna birds commonly make your roof their home. As with all pest problems, identifying your homes new occupant and their entry point is the first step. Once you have evicted your guest, promptly seal up the hole to prevent entry from other pests.


Spiders typically make their home need a food source. Roof voids and dirty gutters can be a breeding ground for spiders as often other insects will breed in and around the homes fascia areas. Spiders can be a very valid reason for concern, as species like the funnel web, redback and whitetail spiders do accumulate in roof voids, skirtings, leaf matter and other nooks and crannies around your home. As gutters are a great breeding ground for insects, areas around your gutter system can become infested with one or more of the aforementioned species.

Preventing Pests Entering Your Roof Area

It has often been said that prevention is better than a cure. Ensuring that entry-points into your homes roof are sealed off, and keeping up with your homes regular maintenance is the best way to ward off most of these unwanted guests. In addition to your homes internal roof area, dirty or blocked gutters can quickly turn your gutter system into a great nesting and breeding environment.

The best way to prevent access into your roof area and stop unwanted pests nesting in your gutter system is by installing a gutter guard system from Leaf Stopper, designed to prevent leaf mulch build-up in your roof valleys and gutters and reduce roof maintenance whilst also aiding in the prevention of birds and other vermin from nesting in-and-around your roof area.

8 Important Considerations

LEAF STOPPER® is backed by an Australian company that uses Bluescope Colorbond® steel when manufacturing gutter guard components. Only the best products and accessories are used.


Graham Ross