DIY Friendly

Leaf Stopper goes to great lengths to make the installation as simple and safe as possible. Whilst it’s not everybody’s ideal situation to climb up a ladder and work off heights, at least you can rest assured that Leaf Stopper has made it as easy as possible.

Your gutter guard screws into position ensuring it remains secure and will not loose shape over time.

A patented component of Leaf Stopper, called ‘Trimets’, allows the mesh to be securely fastened to the edge of the gutter. The tongue & slot, pre-punched fixture, take the guesswork out of screw placement, and ensure’s the screws are spaced according to the recommended 250mm spacing.

Trimets are also much easier to handle than other fixtures on the market, giving Leaf Stopper a true advantage.

8 Important Considerations

LEAF STOPPER® is backed by an Australian company that uses Bluescope Colorbond® steel when manufacturing gutter guard components. Only the best products and accessories are used.


Graham Ross