Why Aluminium Is The Best Material For Gutter Guards?

If you’re considering installing a gutter guard protection system the chances are you’re fed up of constantly clearing leaves out of your gutters, having your drain pipes overflowing and are reading hundreds of gutter guard reviews and trying to gauge which is the right type and what material is best for you!

There are many forms of gutter protection systems available for more information see our article on the different types of gutter protection systems
. Things to consider in your quest for the right gutter protection system include cost and effort of both the initial installation and ongoing maintenance required. When sifting through gutter guard reviews you’ll likely repeatedly read about ‘experts’ and users installing and recommending aluminium gutter guard mesh as a superior quality option, but why?

Put simply, there are 2 main reasons for this. An aluminium gutter guard is fire and rust resistant.

Rust Resistance

Being rust resistant means the solution is long-lasting, with most aluminium gutter guard mesh solutions guaranteeing between 10-15 years. Leaf Stopper guarantees their mesh gutter guard protection solution for 15 years, adding tangible, long-term value to your home. This is good news because Leaf Stopper will last longer than the time most homeowner's will occupy their home.

Fire proof

An aluminium gutter guard, unlike it’s Polyethylene alternative, won’t burn making it fireproof and long-lasting. This is a bonus for everyone but if you live in a bushfire zone, then you really have no choice but to use Aluminium with its zero flammability index. Read more on protecting your home during bushfire season.
Leaf Stopper can provide you with the necessary certificates and information if required by your council or builder or specifier.
The home pictured below had Leaf Stopper installed in 2005. Not only was it not rusting or deteriorating, but in 2013 it contributed to saving this home in a bushfire.

When it comes to being Rust Resistant, Long Lasting, and Bushfire Safe, Leaf Stopper ticks each box.

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8 Important Considerations

LEAF STOPPER® is backed by an Australian company that uses Bluescope Colorbond® steel when manufacturing gutter guard components. Only the best products and accessories are used.


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