Gutter Guards For The Best Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the collection of water from surfaces from rainfall, and the subsequent storage of this water for later use. Normally the water is collected from the rain gutter systems of buildings and stored in rainwater tanks for use inside and outside of the home.

Whilst rainwater poses a low public health risk and is consumed by over 2 million people per day (mainly rural Australians), a quality management approach is essential to ensure rainwater is healthy, clean, clear and safe for everyday home use.

The benefits of rainwater harvesting

By harvesting rainwater, we can significantly reduce our reliance on water storage dams. This means less pressure on our dams as a water resource reducing the need for dam expansion or new dam construction. Additionally there is a reduction in stormwater flow which reduces the risk of overload.

Personal rainwater harvesting can also positively impact water usage expenses. For example, rainwater is used for toilet flushing, laundry and garden use, typically reduces mains water requirements by up to 70%.

rain water harvesting


Rainwater intended for use within the home must be safe. Hence, a series of safe guards can be implemented to prevent issues as animal and pest entry, water back flows and algae.

The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia recommend a quality management approach to ensure Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) are met. Read more about it here. One of the main considerations being barriers to collection and distribution of contaminants within your rainwater storage.

Gutter guard use as part of a rainwater harvesting solution

Gutter guard systems are a way of ensuring your gutter drainage pipes remain clear of blockage and are capturing clean, clear, rainwater. Gutter guards systems such as Leaf Stopper, are a simple, secure, mesh solution placed over the gutter to prevent pest entry, blockages caused by leaves and other moist vegetation (which provide microbial breeding grounds). Leaf Stopper Gutter guard reduces organic matter in gutters and valleys and in turn, unwanted entry into rainwater storage. For this reason gutter guard is recommended as part of the more holistic quality management approach to rainwater capture and use.

prevent pest from entering gutters

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8 Important Considerations

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