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Before deciding on any product, a decision we all have to weigh is the benefits of purchasing from a local manufacturer or distributor compared to an overseas competitor.

Most of us would say idealistically, we would love to purchase from a local manufacturer, but there are other considerations that determine our purchase decisions.

Some of the questions that come to mind are;

  1. Which product has the highest quality?
  2. What is the difference in price between the comparable items?
  3. How much does the product cost to ship?
  4. Do I have the confidence that the product will be delivered?
  5. What if I don’t like the product can I return it and if so, who pays the freight?
  6. Will the manufacturer stand by their guarantee?

Before you consider purchasing any products from an overseas vendor, consider carefully the assumed warranties and protections that you as a customer have under Australian law. Below we outline the history of the Leaf Stopper brand, we welcome any questions you may have about Leaf Stopper products and services and hope to hear from you soon.

Why Buy Leaf Stopper Gutter Mesh?

Leaf Stopper® is an Australian-owned family business and is Australia’s leading brand of leaf guard protection. Distributed by Top Idea Australia Pty Ltd from their factory in Kings Park NSW Australia. Top Idea originally started manufacturing and distributing gutter guard accessories in 1996. The company’s Managing Director and founder, Richard Jelacic, was the creator of the first aluminium ski-slope system gutter guard which is known as Leaf Stopper.

Top Idea distributes its gutter guard and other products through hardware stores and reseller outlets Australia-wide. The company is known for prompt, reliable service with a focus on providing innovative and quality products.

With the Ski-Slope System leaves blow off your roof

The Ski-Slope gutter mesh system has received an Australian Design Award. Our innovative ski-slope gutter mesh system gives leaves the best chance to blow off naturally with the wind whilst allowing water to flow, unhindered into your gutter system. Leaf Stopper is used by Australia’s leading architects and builders extensively on both commercial and residential buildings.

No matter whether a product is made locally, here in Australia or overseas, the guarantee is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Many customers who purchase a competitors brand from overseas are tempted by a lower price. Many are lured by the seemingly equal function and offer of a better guarantee only to find the guarantee holds no value at a later date, unable to claim on their warranties for poor quality products as the company no longer exists.

By purchasing Leaf Stopper, you’re purchasing a product, crafted by a local manufacturer, designed like no other, built to last and backed by our reputable 15-year guarantee. It’s why so many leading architects, builders, Stores and Tradies continue to stand by the Leaf Stopper name.

We invite you to benefit from the Leaf Stopper difference.

8 Important Considerations

LEAF STOPPER® is backed by an Australian company that uses Bluescope Colorbond® steel when manufacturing gutter guard components. Only the best products and accessories are used.


Graham Ross